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Great, little helpers for Odoo

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IT IS Odoo tools for Odoo 8, 9 and 10

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Great little helpers for Odoo

This App combines an amount of incredible tools that will simplify your daily work. Available for Odoo 8 and Odoo 9.



  • Sales history on customer and quote

  • Undo delete for odoo

  • Enhanced mail

  • Enhanced CRM


Sales history on customer and quote

Improve your customer service by gaining insight in sales history of your customers and create new quotes based on historical sales order from your customer.

  • Insight in sales history of purchased products on customer and quote

  • Adopt historical bought products to current quote

  • Be aware of price changes based on actual and historical price for the products


Undo delete for odoo

You will never delete data by mistake again. Use a trash or recycle bin in Odoo so you can recreate accidentally deleted entries. You can configure how long entries stay in the recycle bin before they are deleted finally.  In der Konfiguration können Sie bestimmen, wie lange die Einträge im Papierkorb bleiben sollen, bevor Sie endgültig gelöscht werden.

In addition you can view your recently touched odoo records in every module. Create filters and set records to show in the configuration.


Enhanced mail - CC/BCC

Send mails from Odoo to recipients in CC and/or BCC. This functionality is no standard in Odoo but with IT IS Odoo tools you can easily install Odoo mail CC BCC feature.

Save time by defining auto followers added automatically to your mails.


Enhanced CRM

Never loose track of your sales-actions for opportunities anymore and receive notifications for your sales-activities to make the deal.

  • Create next actions for opportunities and see them in your calendar

  • Receive notifications in Odoo and by email for your planned actions

  • Freie Definition der wählbaren Aktionen

  • Select attendees for your next action to be included

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