Odoo Implementation 

A business system is the mirror of all processes for your company. Here you can see how the organization really works. With a modern system you can overcome boundaries. With an implementation of an appropriate system in your organization you can simplify processes and support connections better. The effectiveness increases.

Odoo is a business system that has been consistently developed for e-business, e-marketing and e-commerce. All functions are web-based and available on a standard browser. All users can access from anywhere and from mobile devices to all ERP functions. With the core modules Odoo has such an enormous range of functions already, which you would expect in large ERP systems only. The IT IS AG is an expert in this system and knows the business processes too.

Another advantage: Odoo is free of license-costs! As an open source application Odoo can be adapted with little effort to the individual needs of your company. Even special, additional features and modules can be developed efficiently and for little-money for you. Adapted to your individual business needs, Odoo is THE investment in the digital future of your company. You will master all modern business processes with a single system.

Odoo is an open source application and freely available under the APGL license. The Odoo community of partners, customers, developers and programmers produce about 50 new modules per month worldwide. The best applications are certified by Odoo and are safe for the future update therefore.

Compared to traditional competitors, which often take years for the development of industry solutions, Odoo is a lot faster in the further development and a lot more cost-effective. A good basis with no hidden backdoors, pitfalls in licensing or thumbscrews in prices.

Productspecific details

Odoo features for your company:

fully integrated e-Commerce solution

fully integrated CMS

Standard features for most business processes

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Procedure at implementing odoo

Things you need to know

First of all: as an ERP specialist we would be happy to help you at installing and implementing odoo. If you decide to use odoo, there are a few steps we always take in every odoo project. 

Odoo workshop. To collect your requirements we are creating a needs assessment. It considers all business processes and the possible odoo modules for those processes and results in a specification.

Odoo adjustment. In case your wishes can't be covered with the standard apps of odoo we are programming extensions. The open source enables to make changes at all time.

Odoo implementation. It is necessary to have a testing phase and key users are involved actively into the project and its plannings. 

Odoo connection. If you want to connect Odoo with other systems like our document management system Alfresco or our mail and groupware program Zimbra, now is the best time to do that. 

Odoo hosting. It is left up to you to choose where and how you want to run your system. If you are not able to run your own data center and do not have professional staff to administrate, we would be happy to host your Odoo in our data center in Germany, which means hard data protection regulations.