Operating Results and Analysis


Statistics of your data

ODOO gives you the opportunity, to view your important statistics simple and quickly. Create detailed reports and graphs, in any format - all with a few clicks. No need for any special programs to create diagrams.

Heat Map

This is about graphs for visualizing data whose values are represented as colors. Consider progress of the projects and activities using the heatmap. Highlight data - you determine how many hours on a project / task / etc. have been spent. This is particularly useful for tracking the progress of projects.


Filter Options

You can filter any analysis using the sample filter or your self-created filters. A simple way to get exactly the information you need. You have no need to download any additional software to create charts - everything what you need is all included in the ODOO data analysis software. Odoo's Report software allows the continuous reporting and analysis. You can create the documents just with few clicks.


Follow the Progress

Follow the progress of all activities (projects, reports, invoices) and get statistics.

The module Information Services offers the best tools to search and track your data.

Compared to other programs in the market, ODOO is a user-friendly, simple and fast, fully integrated software.