The innovative CMS-System

You can create meaningful sites with the help of The CMS of ODOO, which can be customized with a few clicks. It is easy, even without technical knowledge can be create professionally designed pages. The surface can be edited directly on the page, every detail can be adjusted on the page. Difficult to use and complicated CMS thing of the past. With the inline editor of ODOO CMS and with the help of well-designed building blocks you can create your page in seconds.


Edit any content directly on the website with the Inline Editor -What you see is what you get. Really!

Create website by click technology that remain in the memory. With such a unique "edit inline" function of ODOO makes creating websites refreshingly simple. No complex works in the backend more. To edit content, just need to click.

To change the price of a product? Formatting text ? Change a blog title ? With a click, can be edited directly on the page


Impressive. Surprisingly Nice - Design Your Website with the help of nice Building Blocks and by Drag and Drop

Odoo's "Building Blocks" allow you to create modern designed websites. This is not so easily possible with conventional WYSIWIG page editors.

You must be not an IT professional to create a Product Page, Blog or Static Pages.With the simple Drag and Drop function, you can drag prefabricated blocks to the appropriate place and edit their content.


Ready for Immediate Use. Full Integration without Synchronization

Activate Business Functions with just one click like E-Commerce, Call to Actions, Jobs, Events, Customer References, Blogs etc.

Traditional E-Commerce products and CMS have bad designed backend. With ODOO you can get benefit of the best management software by the survey of your orders, your candidate, your leads, etc.


Including Responsive.
Responsive Content on all sides

Website looks good also on Mobile devices for this Thanks to Bootstrap. All your pages automatically fit to the screen size of the respective mobile device (smartphones, tablets, desktops).

Attract New Visitors -SEO-Tools

The Promote tool checks the most searched terms on Google and automatically generates keyword suggestions. SEO tools are pre-installed and ready for use.

Google Analytics tracks the activities of your shopping cart. Sitemaps and structured content for Google indexing are automatically created. Translate your website with minimal effort in several languages. ODOO automatically suggest translations for each side and transmits changes to the master page and also to all other pages

Multilingual Websites - Multilingualism without Effort

Translate your website with minimal effort in several languages. ODOO automatically suggests translations for each side and transmits changes to the master page to all other pages.

Designer-Friendly Templates -Your designer will love ODOO!

Templates are customizable easy to use and fast. It does not need any programming work to new pages, themes, or "building blocks" to create. ODOO used a clean HTML structure, and Bootstrap.
Customize each page directly in the Template editor. Distribute your work easily as ODOO module.

Flowing Grid Layout - Organize effortlessly your "Building Blocks"    

Design your perfect pages using the drag and drop function and the "Building Blocks". Move and resize the blocks according to your need. 
"Building Blocks" are based on a responsive grid system, which, depending on the size of the screen can contain up to 12 columns.

Professional Designs -Change the Design by Clicking

Design your own templates or choose a ready-made theme in ODOO, to customize the appearance of your site.