A Collection of Modules to build up your Community

The Community module offers different ways how you can build and strengthen your community. It consists of a Help forum, a blogging platform and a mail subscription - and all of these functions in an application.

Installing additional software is unnecessary. All you need is integrated in the user-friendly and professional ODOO solution.


Help Forum

Create your own forum support, which can be integrated directly into your website. This platform allows your customers and the whole community, to ask questions about any area of interest. Customers can interact with each other and also you can contribute to this.

Participants receive Karma points, due to the number of your responses, comments or other activities. This can be increased, thereby giving the users more access regarding the moderation.

A structured of Help Forum is an easier and faster way to offer your customers specific information.


Create an Informative Newsletter

The "Mailing List" function of ODOO, allows you to create mailing lists for your newsletters and other bulk mailing tasks.

It is an easy way to large changes in the company announcement to introduce or to send important news of new products. Increase your audience and your followers.

Create newsletter mailing lists in no time by integrating a form from a template in your site, where visitors can register. The e-mail address from the registry will be automatically stored in your database.

You can also allow you to subscribe to mailing lists of your company - community members can obtain the newsletter mailing list and have full access to the group. One can send and receive emails, view archives, start discussions, etc.


Started Blogging

Create directly on your website a blogging platform to publish from there products and news.

The clean-designed blocks can placed quickly via drag and drop and are blocks excellent for content such as images, texts, deals, videos, banners, etc. Use our templates or make creative to yourself

With our "edit-in-line" function, you no need to be a web developer to create new content. Each post will look as if it had been created by a designer.