Internal company E-mails

The module discussion allows you to create internal groups / mailing lists. An easy way to send internal e-mails. ODOO offers a great solution to manage your mailing lists and keep all employees up to date.


Specific Groups for Specific Projects

Do you have a new project, in which several people from different departments are involved? Is there a particular issue that needs to be discussed by certain people? These examples reflect the great need for specific communication channels reflected in companies. ODOO has the solution for this. With this module, internal groups for each of your projects can be created. Add users to the groups in no time or remove them. Like everything else in ODOO this module is simple and ingenious, too.


Create Public Mailing Lists

This flexible feature of ODOO allows you to create public groups that can serve as a mailing list for your newsletter.

This is a simple way, to announce changes in the company or to send important news for new products. Extend your reach and your followers.

Create the newsletter mailing lists by integrating a form, from a template in your site, where visitors can register.