Open Source Ecommerce - Optimized sales with a strong online store

Are you looking for software for your webshop that you can use to add new products quickly and easily yourself? Odoo e-commerce is different from anything you've ever seen before. With just a few clicks you design attractive product catalogs and great product pages. All functions are integrated in your management software, individually adaptable to your needs and easy to operate.

Create illustrative product pages - Say goodbye to the old-fashioned WYSIWYG editors!

The unique, new "Edit Inline" feature and "Building Blocks" make creating product pages really easy. Do you want to change the price of an item? Or format it bold? To add a banner? All this is possible with just a few clicks. And with Drag & Drop as well as with the help of the "Building Blocks" you can create appealing product pages in an instant.

Increase your income per order

The built-in cross-selling feature creates product suggestions for every item a user places in the shopping cart. Odoo makes it possible for your users and shop visitors to see products that are slightly more expensive than the product they are currently viewing.

The in-line editing feature allows quick and easy editing of prices, promotions or changes to the product description - all with just a few clicks.

Odoo text and image block

A clean Google Analytics integration - Control your sales channels with Google Analytics

You get an overview of your sales channels. By default, Google Analytics is configured to automatically record all purchases.

The integrated marketing tools (mass mailing, campaigns, etc.) are also already linked to Google Analytics. This gives you a complete overview of your business.


Open up new markets - multilingualism without effort

Translate your website into multiple languages. Odoo automatically suggests translations for each page.

Have your website automatically translated by professional translators using the on-demand feature. If you change any part of your website, a translation will be automatically generated within 32 hours.

Design your catalog according to your ideas - Increase your sales with highlighted products

You have full control over how your products appear in the catalog: promotional ribbons, related products, promotions, grid view, list view, and more.

Edit each product directly on the page to best meet your customers' needs.

Always acquire new customer SEO tools at your fingertips

The SEO tools are ready to use right from the start - without configuration. Odoo creates keyword suggestions that are most frequently searched for on Google.

Successful with social media - optimization from ad to conversion rate

Easily create landing pages with Odoo's Inline Editor feature. Assign specific information pages to visitors to your marketing campaigns.

Manage your Reseller Network - Referenced Price Lists

Optimize your reseller network to open new markets. Work with your resellers online, promote your merchant network, send leads for quotes and consultations to appropriate resellers, define specific price lists, launch loyalty campaigns, and more.

Integrated instead of interfaces

Benefit from Odoo and an online shop with tax system, flexible pricing structures, real inventory tools, reseller integration, support for products with special order processes, events, services, variants and options and much more

You do not need additional software. Everything you need is already integrated in Odoo. This gives you time for more important things.

A clean sales process

Animate your visitors to buy with a clean sales process. All this with just a few steps and a user-friendly interface on each page.

Define your individual check-out process: with payment options, delivery methods, cross-selling and special conditions, according to the needs of your customers.