Purchase and Orders


Automate Payment Requests, Checking Invoices

Automating procurement requests, Request of calculations, track the purchases, manage supplier information, control of received products and supplier invoices.


Automated Procurement Applications - Reduce stocks with your own rules for order

Refer to reduce your stock the right purchase offers at the right time. Improve your purchases and increase inventory efficiency with your own rules for ordering, depending on the stock, logistic rules, orders and forecast orders, etc. Send. With just one click requests for cost estimates or orders to suppliers Get access to product inputs and calculations of your orders.


Purchase Prices -Obtain products at the best possible price, by negotiating with several suppliers

Negotiate the purchase price, include the offers of suppliers in your business process and compare prices. Send your orders to the supplier with the best offer. You have the option to provide the quality of your suppliers with an evaluation afterwards.


E-mail Integration

Integrate all communications with suppliers in order to be able to trace all agreements can. Make use of the order management module to resolve outstanding commitments to suppliers.


Standard price, Average price, FIFO * Standard Price

Work with the cost accounting that best suits your business model: standard price, average price, fifo * or * lifo. Obtain real-time information about your accounting entries and the proper inventory valuation. ODOO brings transparency to your order processes.

*fifo = first in first out

 lifo = last in first out

Importing Supplier Price Lists - The best orders at the Best Prices

Easily import price lists from your suppliers to meet costed purchase decisions, based on offers, quantity discounts and special contract terms. You can also make your selling price depends on the purchase price.

Check Products and Invoices

No product or contract is overlooked; inventory control gives you precise information about your returns, refunds, product acceptance and quality control.

Work with the method of your choice: prepare invoices based on purchase orders and product assumptions before, manually create invoices and import lines from purchase orders, etc.

Generate Statistics about your Purchase

Create by flexible reporting accurate statistics regarding the performance of your suppliers. Delivery delays, negotiated discounts, number of orders, etc. Include orders with analytical accounts in order to check the profit of your contracts