Organize Events, Trainings and Webinars

The ODOO Event module organize, advertise and sell online your events. Whether you want to plan meetings, conferences, training or webinars, ODOO can provide all the functions that you need to make your events and manage appropriate sites to.


Create Rich Web Pages for Events

Create beautiful websites for your events, simply drag and drop of good designeten "Building Blocks". Choose the most suitable for you format and publish photos, speakers, agenda, etc.

Odoo's einizgartige "Edit line" function makes the website creation amazingly simple. This user-friendly system allows you to insert corrections immediately, directly on the website. They want to introduce a speaker? change the price of admission? A banner update? Or publish new sponsors? Just click and change - as simple as that.


Sell tickets online -Automate the Registration and Payment Process

With the Multi-ticketing function sell registrations for your events. You can offer to participate in your events for free or with a fee. Participants can pay online by credit card or by invoice - depending on your configuration.

Increase your sales with early booking discounts, special partner discounts or additional services for buyers of multiple tickets.


Clean Google Analytics integration -Control your sales with Google Analytics

Get a clear overview of your sales. The integrated in ODOO Google Analytics tracker are set by default so that they tracken all kinds of events, linked to the shopping cart etc.

All ODOO marketing tools and programs (mass mailing, marketing campaigns, etc.) are also connected with Google Analytics to give you a 360 ° view of your company.


Promote your Events sufficient - E-mail Mass Mailings and Social Media

Take advantage of the segmentation, the integration of social networks and e-mail mass mailing capabilities to promote your events at the right audience. Create automated emails that inform your participants about details at the last minute.

Designer-Friendly Templates -Your web designer will love working with ODOO

The design templates in this application are to be worked excellently and easily. You must not develop new pages, templates or building blocks to create an extra. We use a neat HTML structure, a Bootstrap CSS and our modularity allows you to easily integrate your own design templates. There are patterns and templates, it is very easy to kreiren your own templates.

The stone-principle ("building blocks") to your website always a tidy impression, even after the end user new content have entered.

Make your Events Visible

With the SEO tools you can get started right away, it is no longer requires configuration. ODOO suggests keywords you before because of the most searched in Google expressions; Google Analytics tracks all events around the basket and sitemaps are created automatically.

ODOO automatically creates content even structured to apply efficiently to your events and products on Google.

The influence of social media use - Optimize your conversion rate: of the advertisement for sale

Easily create new landing pages with the "Inline Editing" feature of ODOO. You can visitors to your various marketing campaigns on Event Landing Pages Send to optimize your conversion rate.
Odoo image and text block

Organize your Tracks - From the Oral Recommendation for Publication

Add your event sites "Talk Proposal" forms added to your visitors with the opportunity to propose or submit Speeches and speakers. Organize the selection process of each speech - scheduling is easy.

Odoo's unique front-end and back-end integration makes organizing and publishing really simple. Design your very slightly the biographies of your speakers, descriptions of the speeches and presentations.


Agenda and list of speeches - Impressive user interface

Create engaging agendas for each of your events and publish them automatically on your website. Allow other users easily to certain program points or speeches to search; filter by keywords, locations, or speakers.

Manage your sponsors - Work with sponsors and publish this

Work together on your events with sponsors and publish them divided by level (for example, bronze, silver, gold) in the footer of your event website.

Sell sponsorship packages online using your ODOO ecommerce software to provide a complete integration of your sales cycle to obtain.

and much more ...

To Plan

  • Event Calendar

  • Publish relevant documents

  • Provision of resources

  • Automated purchases

  • Various venues and organization representatives

  • Mobileuser interface

  • Tasks Checklist


  • Online and offline sale

  • Automatic invoicing

  • Cancellation Policy

  • Special Partner Price

  • Dashboards and Reports

To Organize

  • Advanced planning tools

  • Print ID cards

  • Automatic Nachfassungs E-mails

  • Afterthoughts

  • Minimum and maximum utilization

  • Manage different levels and resources

  • Create subscriber groups

  • Create automatic satisfaction surveys