Fleet Management


Fleet management software for your business

The software of ODOO gives you the possibility to manage your fleet from the first signature of the contract with the leasing company to the customer service of a particular company car.

Through our user-friendly system you can manage everything: fuel receipts, expenses and many other features that are important for the management of your fleet.


Contracts and administrative tracking

Manage all vehicle contracts and receive e-mails with warnings before a contract expires. Some visual tools to help, not to be missed renewals or unsubscriptions.

You do not need special tracking system for your fleet - with the ingenious application of ODOO have your fleet with just a few clicks always in view.


Monitor your fleet

You can have a company car can easily pass to one of your employees while holding the actual condition of the vehicle. You can also check the status between your vehicle and the odometer readings, and always be on the cutting edge of your fleet.

Thanks to the application of ODOO it is now very easy to keep track of your fleet.


Fleet management for companies

Maintain the main points: procurement, maintenance, subsequent delivery,?

Easily add vehicles to your fleet added and track the entire service life; so you always know know when it's time to replace a vehicle or to send to customer service.


Customer service management of your fleet

Organize the customer service of a company vehicle and communicate with qualified garages; manage invoices and endorsements.

Create clear procedures around your fleet, you can also clear rules regarding the insurance up to your fleet to manage efficiently.

Analysis and documentation

Get all to a particular vehicle or a particular maintenance See related costs. You can use different types of costs also compare (which s vehicle causes most cost; what repairs were carried out on what vehicle; etc.) - this will help the Reporting Tool.

Get optimize valuable insights about the actual cost of each vehicle to the investments in your fleet.

Cost Management

You can determine the exact incurred so far for your business in your fleet for each individual vehicle. The recurring costs of your contracts (eg. As leases) are automatically created at the beginning of each period (day / week / month / year), depending on the time laid down in the contract period.