Ready, Set, Go!

The Gamification module of ODOO offers the ability to easily and creatively to get the motivation of your employees upright.

This module includes tools that allow you to challenge your employees, so that they reach your goals. In so-called challenges you can set goals to be achieved and the own progress with the progress of other employees is compared.

Create a template of many examples and choose from different kinds of Challenges, based on your company's needs. For example, the number of new leads in a definable period of time.


Challenge your Employees

Odoo's software gives you an effective way to increase the motivation of your employees. Create different challenges, set goals, what you want to achieve. Use the dashboard to see the states of the various challenges and the progress of individual employees.


Motivate your Employees and collect information

Motivate your staff and get better results. This exciting feature allows you to stimulate your employees in a creative and simple way, which leads to an increase in productivity.

You do not need to complicate motivational techniques anymore. The match factor of Gamification will motivate your staff enormously.


Reward system for your employees

Employees can be rewarded with a reward system for reaching your goals. You can give awards and thus show that you appreciate the work of your employees.