The iceberg principle

when everything is said ..

IT IS - iceberg principle

Methodology - when everything is said ..

Many people tend to be limited in the literal descriptions and discussions on the current issues fragments. This is mostly because in addition to the discussion guide and the focus the most pressing issues. Sometimes points are also displaced, because you think that there is a downside of it.

We always keep this filtering in mind when we talk with those responsible in our projects. Aligned to the principle of a floating iceberg, that only shows about 1/8 of it's volume above the water line, we try to look under the surface. The principle was early described by Sigmund Freud as "Freud's theory of contiousness" (Link: and was later adopted by many other well-known personalities. The Iceberg theory became famous by Ernest Hemmingway (Link:, who often used it as a literary style in his short stories, in order to enhance the suspense by missing information. According Hemmingway graceful movement of an iceberg is due to the mass distribution (Link:

However: what is favorable to the literature, is more harmful in the project.