Lead Creation


Automated Lead Generation

The ODOO module "Automatic Lead Generation" gives you automatic leads through marketing campaigns that are fully customizable.

The campaigns are dynamic and multi-channel, this allows your marketing strategies according to your needs to implement.


Management software for Marketing Campaigns

This module will help you to improve your marketing performance and your campaigns. You can create segments and divide your campaigns in specific subject areas. Analyze the results to assess the performance of your campaigns and their commercial impact.


Create your own E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Design your Marketing Campaigns as well as workflow, including email templates and reports for printing and mailing. Simulate your campaign to you in real-time or accelerated test. Make the fine tuning to achieve the best results.

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Campaign Statistics

Create your campaign and watch the statistics, during the campaign fixes everything automatically.

The marketing campaign management system provides statistics for each campaign and a complete overview of all your marketing activities.