Organize your recruitment process

Organize your vacancies and applications

Create your job description, advertise your vacancies and keep track of received applications. Capture every applicant and thus generate a database of ability and profiles, and related documents. There is no need to outsource your recruitment, With Odoo you have everything in control - In an easy and a professional manner. 


Keep track of jobs directly from the app

Check out which channel generates most of applications and collect all the job applications in ODOO

The allocation of of applications directly save in the relevant e-mail addresses and routes.

No matter if applicants contact you through email or use the an online form, you will get all data automatically indexed (resumes, cover letters, etc.) and can answer using templates or personalized emails, with just one click.


Customize your application process

Specify your own steps.

Make your own recruitment strategies.

Use the Kanban view and customize the steps of your recruitment process to: pre-qualification, the first call, second call, etc. Get detailed statistics on your pipeline.

Use reports to compare the results of publications on various external job boards and simply adjust your strategy based on the results.


Easily manage your all Application

Overview of candidates and profile.

Keep track on recruitment process of your candidates in the Kanban view. With the use of templates, you save time with automate communicating. Documents such as resume and cover letter are indexed automatically, so you can easily search for specific skills while building a database of profiles.



Build your very own surveys

From your experience, Create your own Standard Recruitment model.

Use opinion polls Designed surveys to incorporate in your particular process

Ask the candidate to answer the online questions, or use the online form for the interview.

Completely integrated with all ODOO Apps

Recruitment is also fully integrated with other Odoo Apps like Sales, Human Resources, E-mail, blogs, Events etc.