IT IS odoo Textblock

Einfügen von Texten in Angebote und Rechnungen - neue Version für Odoo 8 und Odoo 9

Odoo Version 8

IT IS Odoo Textblock

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For Version 8

Odoo Version 9

IT IS Odoo Textblock

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For Version 9

IT IS odoo Textblock for Odoo 8

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Create text blocks and lines

With the text block module, you can use text blocks in reports like quotes, sales orders and invoices. You can use them as templates and insert them easily. It is also possible to add single lines.



  • Text in documents

  • Create and insert text blocks / templates

  • Multiple languages


Example of use

For example a user can create a text block for the salutatory address.

This module adds the option text block to the menu bar for sales. Here you are able to create new entries or adjust existing text blocks.


Multiple languages

Our App supports multiple languages for your templates. You are able to enter a corresponding translation for your text blocks. The number of supported languages is based on the language settings of your Odoo.


For example you can also insert a text block as a product.

Here an example of a quote.


Text blocks displayed in a quote as pdf-report