Notes (Task Lists)


Notes (Task Lists)

Organize your workflow with efficient to-do lists and notes. Starting with its own tasks to short team meetings, you can increase the productivity of your employees with the right tools for the prioritization of tasks to share ideas and to work together on documents.

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Personal To Do Lists

Create your personal To Do lists online in the desired format. Tasks are created quickly, organize your appointments on the horizontal plane (today, this week, this month,?), You prioritize your short-term appointments at a vertical level and group them by assigning each task specified colors. The kanban view allows you a simple visual organization of your To Do lists.

Avoiding excessive tasks more

Odoo's online to-do lists software helps you to always be organized and to have all the important dates available in a structured and always accessible system. Torturing yourself with the note of all deadlines, facts and Action Items - use to get done to work the Note Tool (GDT = Get Things Done).

Prioritize efficiently

Most people are unable to cope with the added daily tasks ahead and have difficulty distinguishing between important and long-term tasks. The Note tool allows you to easily allocate your time every day to do more or less important tasks.

It is motivating to complete tasks

To improve a great feature to your project management skills - keep your To Do lists always on the most current state, both on the short and the longer-term tasks and the already completed. You can easily add and delete tasks.


Customize your notes and to do lists -improve your workflow

The clearly designed Kanban view Note tool of ODOO allows each user to be saves his own intermediate steps to create your own to-do lists and notes. You can select a template or create your own intermediate steps / stages of a project.

Creative staff

A creative person is sort his notes after the "maturity" of his ideas.

  • Brainwaves

  • Perfected Ideas

  • Specified Task

Business Traveler

A frequent traveler employee may assign its tasks to the context.

  • U.S. branch

  • Office in London

  • Verification during a flight

  • Do at Home


Managers can organize the large number of its tasks according to your priorities.

  • Do Today

  • This Week

  • This Month

  • Later


Personal Notes

Write your ideas on "notepad" and have them always available. You can attach documents assigned and use tags or colors to manage all the information. If your ideas are mature, you can share with other users, start a discussion and collaborate with your colleagues while you refine the specification directly to the "sticky notes".


Brief Team Meetings -Share and Edit Notes in real time

The Note tool offers great opportunities to talk in real time with your colleagues. Meeting participants will be able to contribute interesting comments to attach important documents or to discuss their ideas for each topic.

Each "notepad" has a clear and easy to understand structure - the comments of each user are displayed in a different color, so it is easy for each participant to distinguish, who wrote which comment.