IT IS Support Extended

IT IS Odoo Support Extended - the Module for effective an transparant Processing of your Support-Tickets!

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IT IS Odoo Support Extended

  The comprehensive Support - Solution for more Efficency in Odoo!

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  • Creating Support-Tickets via Website, E-Mail, or in the Backend!

  • Combine your Tickets with a Support-Contract, based on the OCA-Modul Contracts. Consign Reaction-Times and hourly Rates on the Support-Tickets.

  • Invoice to Ticket! Your Employees can record their working hours direct in the Ticket, so you have the chance to create invoices straight out of the Ticket.

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  • The Ticket-Number guarantees a explicit Identification and a transparent traceability for Your Customer and you.

  • The actuall Status of the Ticket is allways shown on the Website for your Customer.

  • If there more necessary task which are not calculated or covered by the Support contract, you have the Opportunity to create a Quotation straight out of the Ticket.

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Ticketdetails und Workflow:

Every registered User can create a Support-Ticket manually, per e-mail or on the Website. In the Creating Process you have the possibility to upload Screenshots, Descriptions or Example Documents in Data-form. 

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Additional Eskalation:

If it is necessary the Ticket could escalated to a higher level (1st oder 2nd Level Support). This could be done by a Click on the "escalate team" Button in an active Support Ticket.

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Status of the Tickets

The Status of a Ticket is a helpfully Indicator of the progress. the steps will be fully configurable and adjusted by you.

IT IS Support Extended - required for everybody who supplies Support!
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