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A non-profit organization manages its employees with only one open source solution.

Wikimedia Germany uses an extended Odoo 8 successfully to manage vacation, working hours and personnel master data for all its employees.

satelles mobile web guide


At Wikimedia e.V. the personnel department requires a central system with which they easily, quickly and accurately can reflect all the processes of their business area. As a nonprofit organization Wikimedia has its main focus on the use of open-source products.

Our customer about himself

“Wikipedia is one of the ten most popular Websites of the world. Its content and the content of all other Wikimedia projects is created, improved and disseminated by volunteers. Wikimedia Germany supports with their work especially Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, but also the smaller projects. All Wikimedia projects are ran by the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation (located in San Francisco, USA).
More than 40 independent organization support the Wikimedia projects on site. Wikimedia Germany is the oldest and largest of them, was registered as a nonprofit association in 2004 and has about 50,000 members nowadays. Our association’s goal is to provide free accessto knowledge."

Learn more about the requirements and implementation in our case study. You can download the case study below.

Case-Study Wikimedia Deutschland - German           

Implementation Odoo 8 using the example of Dr. Förster AG

How to implement complex medical production processes

in an ERP-System?

satelles mobile web guide

The customer

Since its foundation in 1927 the Dr. Förster AG is specialized on the production of health- and care- products based on natural ingredients. Today, the Dr. Förster AG is a company of national and international size with its own production settled in Germany.


The current ERP-system of the Dr. Förster AG did not commit to todays requirements for a business system, so the company decided to implement a new ERP system. Apart from the general features an ERP software should offer, the new solution was requested to be able to portray complex processes of laboratory and production, in order to optimize efficiency of processes across departments.

Learn more about the requirements and implementation in our case study. You can download the case study below.

Case-Study Dr. Förster - German             Case-Study Dr. Förster - English

Odoo the example of MADSACK Media Store

So join hundreds of thousands of readers every day with the tablet computers for their daily

satelles mobile web guide

Brief profile of the user

The MADSACK Media Store accompanies since 2011, readers of regional newspapers in the digital world. In cooperation with publishers and regional media houses the Media Store offers consumers in so-called all-inclusive packages. These included the respective e-paper and editorial Apps of regional newspapers, a mobile device, customer training, a personal on-site consultation and a powerful data plan.

The project objectives

The aim was to replace the merchandise management processes, which previously consisted primarily of Excel lists by a modern, flexible and high-performance system. The classic tasks of ERP and CRM system to support the staff were mapping. However, the payments and the subscriber management should remain within the existing publishing system. For billing service service time for fixed price and cost developments should be monitored and can be billed.

For the franchise area in addition to the ERP basic tasks especially the online ordering process should be simplified. Besides, it was a medium-term target that previously used in the salesrooms IT solution is replaced for customer service: The at that time resulting in self-development sales client with contract generation in the stores should be superseded by the Point-of-Sales (POS) module of ODOO , A large task so that approached the employee of Madsack media stores.

Learn more about the requirements and implementation in our case study. You can download the case study below.

Case-Study of MADSACK - German                Case-Study MADSACK - English

Odoo 10 at the example of Satelles GmbH 

How to depict internal processes of a start-up with a webbased, integrated and growing system?

satelles mobile web guide

Brief profile of the user

satelles GmbH is a start-up with the app satelles mobile webguide as its product. The mobile webguide is a browser-based information and navigation system which provides spontaneous availability, integrated navigation and multimedia content. Thus various communities are linked with each other for more visitors and more local consume. The young company would like to use a modern, integrated system, which combines all necessary functions and can be expanded if needed. 

Project goals

The required ERP system should focus the CRM (customer relationship management) regarding potential customers and chances as well as the scheduling. Therefore also quotes and invoices are important. The solution should grow with the company thus it its possible to use the system for the project management and purchasing department 3 months after the release. It was important for Satelles to use an integrated system from the beginning, which covers all current and future requirements of the company. 

Learn more about the requirements and implementation in our case study. You can download the case study below.

Case-Study Satelles - German